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Night Out Gallery is pleased to present “Stop and Go,” a solo exhibition by TYM 344, on view from Saturday, November 11 through Sunday, December 3, 2023.




Statement : 

 Welcome. Thank you. Straight ahead. No return. You Can’t Go Back. (In 2022, I began work on the “On/Off” series, a remixed version of “Welcome. Thank You. Straight. Don’t Go Back. The “On/Off” series is a series of paintings on wheels to prove my assumption that the essence of painting is “immobility,” and the subjects of the paintings are mainly signs and billboards that “Binarized Painting” takes as its model. The name of the series literally represents the basic principle of my paintings, binary (on/off), as well as the fact that the wheels are originally attached to the ground (on) to generate movement, but when hung on the wall as paintings, the wheels are off the ground (off). Here, there is an antagonistic relationship between “movement” and “immobility. By extending this relationship to the entire exhibition space, the artist creates time to consider the substance of the painting from multiple perspectives. This exhibition is such an attempt.

Biography :

 TYM344 is an artist who creates various painting screens by combining elements of quotations from past images from art history and film history, characters from his own four-frame comic books, and designs of road signs and billboards that he photographs on the street every day. All of his works are thoroughly monochromatic in order to strengthen the “motionlessness,” which he considers to be the essence of painting, and to minimize the information lost when the images are converted to other media such as photographs and printed matter (he himself calls this form “binarized paintings”). ) By reexamining the issues of the nature of painting, which have been largely neglected in the present age, and by weaving in the environment in which images are received in the present age, the artist continues to produce images of high intensity as a result.

 The theme of this solo exhibition is to consider “immobility,” which the artist considers to be the essence of painting, from the perspective of its contrast and difference from “movement,” and will be centered on a series of paintings with wheels that are never used (“On/Off” series).

 We hope you will take this opportunity to view the exhibition.

Statement : 

 2020年末に制作した「ようこそ。ありがとう。まっすぐ。戻れません。禁止されています。(Welcome. Thank You. Straight. Don’t Go Back. You Can’t.)」での成果を引き続き検証するため、2022年にはそのリミックス版といえる「On/Off」シリーズの制作を開始した。「On/Off」シリーズは、絵画の本質を「動かないこと」とする私の仮定を証明するために絵画に車輪を取り付けたもので、描く対象は「二値化絵画」が手本とする標識や看板を中心としたものである。シリーズ名は、私の絵画の基本原理であるバイナリ(オン/オフ)を文字通り表していることはもちろん、車輪は本来地面に付いて(on)移動を発生させるものだが絵画として壁にかけられることで車輪は地面から離れていること(off)も表している。ここには、「動くこと」と「動かないこと」との敵対的結合がある。その関係を会場全体に延長することにより、複数の局面から絵画の実体を考える時間をつくる。この展覧会はそのような試みである。

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Website : https://www.tym344.com

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tym344

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