Takeshi Matsugami : ‘Screen’ : The artworks by Tokyo Walls

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Takeshi Matsugami’s artworks shooted by our friend Tokyo Walls !
Check out the cool paintings !



His design training is reflected in his work, where a few precise strokes give rise to instantly recognizable everyday objects.
In addition to these strokes that become contours, the artist uses bright colors to stage all those things that surround us: stacked cardboard boxes stamped with world-famous brands, clothes, office accessories, but also food, from a simple banana to a gyoza, a block of tofu or broccoli.
The coarsely brushed paint provides a textured background for the “still life”. The object thus presented imposes itself forcefully on the viewer’s eye. It touches the viewer with its vivid color, its childlike simplicity and even the naivety of its representation.
Childhood is more present in his latest creations, Puppet, puppets of Japanese kawaii characters (Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars etc.) … strung on hairy arms!)
An artist who uses lines and colors to convey the touching simplicity of objects.