Group Show ‘Party People’: Opening Party

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About the Event:

This March, (Friday 31st, 2023) Night Out Gallery hosted a group opening party “Party People”.

Various artists from across the continent and homeland of Japan presented their dear pieces to the gallery for visitors to enjoy and interact with.

Respected artworks from Motas / Yuta Okuda / Yok  / Geoffrey Bouillot / Rooo Lou / Jeremy Yamamura / Adam Handler.

Many people came for the opening party and were able to enjoy the new exhibition with a can of sakura themed beer to welcome the many spring days to come.

“Party People” exhibition is open to the public from 2023 April 1st ~ April 16th.


NightOutGalleryでは、2023年3月31日(金)に初のグループ展のオープニングパーティー「Party People」を開催しました。


Motas / 岡田雄太 / Yok  / Geoffrey Bouillot / Rooo Lou / Jeremy Yamamura / Adam Handler  アーティスト達の作品を迎えました。


「Party People」展示期間は2023年4月1日〜4月16日です。



About the Artists:

Motas, which creates unique and warm works by combining abstract patterns, is the Japanese art unit.
Yuta Okuda, a former TAKEO KIKUCHI designer, uses precise line drawings and colors to show the contingency of flowers and animals.
Yok, from the Philippines, whose clean lines and simple graphic compositions are memorable, usually used black and white, but he is recently using colors in his paintings.
Geoffrey Bouillot, from France, has a minimalistic yet chic and fresh style inspired by Japanese and French culture.
Rooo Lou presents simple portraits with a minimum of detail, but the depth of the gaze and facial expression is captivating.
Jeremy Yamamura’s characters, initially inspired by a simple doodle, took on various shapes and forms over time, always spreading a positive fun energy while often giving a social commentary.
Adam Handler’ s recognizable characters such as bats, ghosts, and wide-eyed girls embody innocence and adolescent energy that the very best of artists will tell you is close to impossible to render with fresh authenticity.

About the Artists: (japanese)

TAKEO KIKUCHIのデザイナーでもあった岡田雄太は、緻密な線描と色使いによって花や動物の偶然性を演出します。
クリーンな構成が印象的なフィリピン人アーティストのYok は建築家としての顔も持っています。
フランス出身のGeoffrey Bouillotは日仏の文化から着想を得たミニマルでありながらシックでフレッシュな作風です。
Rooo Louは最小限のディテールで肖像画を表現しつつ、その視線・表情の印象深さに心奪われることでしょう。
Jeremy Yamamuraのキャラクターは、最初はシンプルな落書きから始まり、やがて様々な形となり、常にポジティブで楽しいエネルギーを撒き散らし、時には社会的なコメントを与えることもある。
Adam Handlerのキャラクターは、コウモリや幽霊、大きな瞳の少女など、無邪気で青春のエネルギーを体現しています。




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