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Night Out Gallery is happy to present its second group show of the year ‘NIGHT TIME’.
We will have a special guest from the US, Brian Robertson. He will be exhibiting with the talented Japanese Artists : Kanaha Iwasaki, Kazuki Okamura, Hinako Suda, Norio Taniguchi, Sayuri Tsuboyama and Yoshiyuki Umehara.


The exhibition will be from the 17th of May to the 2nd of June 2024.
The reception party will be on the 17th from 6pm to 9pm.


About the Show : During the night, time becomes more abstract and we tend to be more present to ourselves. No more occupations, no more noises, the usual barriers fade. This group show represents the alter ego that gets born when the day ends; a persona that is often more mysterious or exuberant than the person we usually are.

展覧会について: 夜の間、時間はより抽象的になり、私たちはより自分自身に存在する傾向があります。職業も雑音もなくなり、いつもの障壁が薄れていく。このグループショーは、一日が終わると生まれる分身を表現しています。普段の私たちよりもミステリアスで奔放なペルソナであることが多いのです。



Kanaha Iwasaki : Kahana Iwasaki was born in Okinawa in 1996, she’s based in Tokyo. Her art expresses narrative and myths mixing images of animals, plants, houses and imaginary creatures. The soft texture of her paintings welcome to her mysterious world.

Kazuki Okamura
He was born in Tokyo in 1983 and completed his MFA in painting at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2009.
He works in a variety of techniques, including oil paint, acrylic paint, transparent watercolor paint, collage and installation.
In the past, he has consistently been attracted to bright, light colors and textures, using drawings from his travels as important clues in her work.

Hinako Suda : Hinako Suda creates works based on the concept of “the gap between the body and the spirit,” in which she uses the body to dissipate the growing frustration from the outside. Suda’s works are somehow comical, sexy, and deeply spiritual, with a definite sense of flesh. Her rhythmic, powerful, and tranquil lines are so expressive that words are no longer necessary.

Norio Taniguchi : Norio Taniguchi creates stories about people, animals, and landscapes. He paints on the theme of the past, future, and time, and creates a unique worldview in his deep pursuit of drawing using oil paintings, prints, and woodblocks.

Sayuri Tsuboyama : Sayuri Tsuboyama was born into a family that ran a hospital and grew up in an environment where she was exposed to medical equipment and medicine from an early age, and her work shows a desire to understand the world she lives in through “life” and “nature” and an inward energy like “self-healing.

Yoshiyuki Umehara : Umehara was born in Gunma Prefecture in 1997, graduated from Tama Art University in 2020 with a degree in oil painting from the Department of Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, and is currently a young artist based in Kanagawa Prefecture.
The faces that appear on the thickly painted screens using a painting knife are eye-catching as simplified icons, but at the same time they quietly shake the viewer with their various content such as human pain, sadness, resignation and malice. The borders and layers, which are hardly smooth, directly convey the materiality of the paint, appealing to us with their raw mass.

岩崎奏波 : 1996年沖縄生まれ。動物、植物、家、想像上の生き物などのイメージを織り交ぜ、物語や神話を表現する。柔らかなテクスチャーが不思議な世界へと誘う。

岡村一輝: 1983年東京都生まれ。2009年 東京芸術大学大学院美術研究科修士課程絵画専攻修了。
2022年に参加したIndependent Tokyo 2022にてタグボート特別賞、小山登美夫審査員特別賞を受賞。

須田日菜子 : 「肉体と精神のギャップ」をコンセプトとし、外からの苛立ちを肉体で発散させる作品を制作している。須田の作品は、どこかコミカルでセクシーでありながら、肉感的で深い精神性を感じさせる。彼女のリズミカルで力強く静謐な線は、もはや言葉が必要ないほどの表現力を持っている。

谷口典央 : 人・動物・風景をテーマにした物語を創作しています。過去、未来、時間をテーマに、油彩、版画、木版画を駆使し、ドローイングを深く追求した独自の世界観を描き出す。

坪山小百合 : 坪山小百合は病院を営む家に生まれ、幼い頃から医療機器や医療に触れる環境で育ち、「生命」や「自然」、そして「自己治癒力」のような内なるエネルギーを通して、自分の生きる世界を理解したいという思いが作品に表れている。


Dates : 05/17 – 06/02

  • Thursday to Sunday from 1pm to 7pm
  • Opening party : 05/17 from 6pm to 9pm
  • Closed on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday

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