Momoko Nakamura : ‘Floating Girl’ :The artworks

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About the artist :

Momoko Nakamura is an emerging Japanese artist. Formerly working for a graphic design office, she became an illustrator. She has been expanding her range of activities to include book illustrations and textiles/illustrations for apparel brands. Her works, with their impressive melancholy female gaze and organic designs of flowers and plants surrounding them, have attracted attention not only from the fashion and culture scene, but also from a variety of other fields. She has held many exhibitions both in Japan and abroad, and is vigorously expanding the field of presentations.

In this exhibition, in addition to her works, we also present “HOME” (published by BOOTLEG), a collection of her works released in August, 2022. 



Exhibition :
  • 2016 solo exhibition “Orange person”
  • 2016 group exhibition”we were monkeys”
  • 2016 solo exhibition “I bloom without rain”
  • 2017 solo exhibition “Curtain”
  • 2018 solo exhibition “see more”
  • 2018 solo exhibition “ALIENS”
  • 2019 solo exhibition “HEAVEN”
  • 2020 solo exhibition “nude”
  • 2020 solo exhibition “Body”
  • 2022 solo exhibition “mutant”
  • 2022 solo exhibition “HOME”
  • 2022 DUO exhibition “A Walk In The Park”


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