MAW : the artworks

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Night Out Gallery has shown MAW’s new artworks for the first exhibition of the year.
On wall with paintings representing 90’s black movies, and one wall with. a serie of black paintings.
Two hand made Bearbricks were also on display.



A Tokyo-based artist whose roots are in graffiti.
He has been creating iconic smiley face characters called “MikeL” (Michael) on the streets.
In recent years, he has been actively collaborating with brands and exhibiting his work in galleries outside of Tokyo.

MAW has maintained his own style for more than 16 years, and his method of telling everything with MikeL’s expressions and traces is truly simple and even graceful.

Sometimes they seem to ridicule the world, sometimes they are smiling symbols, and sometimes they are unique in that they evoke a variety of emotions in the viewer.

Always looking at us with the same iconic expression, MikeL is a happy expression that attracts people with such a mysterious charm and leads viewers to smile.