MAI NAGAMOTO solo exhibition : “What words cannot convey” : reception party

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Night Out Gallery is happy to present to you Mai Nagamoto ‘s new solo exhibition : “What words cannot convey”

The reception party on Friday the 20th of October 2023 was a blast.
Many cool people and collectors joined us to see the new artworks of the artist.


Statement :
“What words cannot convey”
One of the reasons I paint is that it is easier for me to express my feelings than words.
Painting allows me to face various things and move forward.
In the process of painting, the painting asks me many questions, and the work is completed through many interactions with the painting.
The formless things I have painted in the past and the monsters and monstrosities that I have created in my mind are all expressions of my own feelings and are like words to me.
In the past, I was tired of words,
I kept on painting, facing my anger and mental world, but
My mind and body gradually broke down.
Before Corona, I met stray cats in my neighborhood, and by touching and healing them, my life was changed in a very rich way, and I was freed from a great emotional trauma.
Through the daily observation of these wordless creatures, I came to face myself anew, and my interest in living creatures and the healing that animals give me led me to a new desire and commitment to art, which I had once decided to end.
This has led to a renewed desire to pursue my art, which I had once decided to quit.

Statement : 







Dates : 10/21 – 11/05
Thursday to Monday from 1pm to 7pm
Opening party : 10/20 from 6pm to 9pm
Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday

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