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Here is a video that was done during the exhibition of FUKI COMMITTEE last September in NIGHT OUT GALLERY :


FUKI COMMITTEE appeared a few years ago on the streets of Tokyo in the form of stickers (a frank, determined girl’s gaze calling out to passers-by about crime, a girl in school uniform pointing at you with the caption ダメよ。ゼッタイ。- It’s forbidden. Definitely).

FUKI COMMITTEE’s artistic work is immediately recognizable: looks that grab you, plunging straight into yours, stubborn, far from the teasing or lustful looks that others paint on young girls’ faces… The mouth doesn’t smile, it’s closed, the character is focused. And if it does part, it’s to let a bit of tongue slip through, showing extreme concentration, or to let out a beckoning “Eh! Long hair in a ponytail with an elegant knot frames the face with its rebellious locks.

It’s all there: a well-behaved uniform, a rebellious look. The character sticks stickers, not on smooth, impeccable walls, but on the wall with graffiti, in a city far from the clichés of ultra-cleanliness, a city with many faces, in perpetual evolution.

Beneath its cute exterior, the drawing raises questions about Japanese society, which is governed by a whole host of outdated, inappropriate formal guidelines that give everyone a false sense of morality and security.

The aim of this original committee is to question and shake up the formatted citizen in his daily routine.

Nightout Gallery is delighted to welcome FUKI COMMITTEE for the second time. After a first exhibition Activity Report in December 2022 ,which allowed the artists (including Uyu, charismatic member of the group) to express their talent on larger formats (paintings and panels), this reunion will allow visitors to follow the evolution of this stimulating committee!